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Sometimes change is good. We've moved. 

How does CRM Workflow Automation Really Work?

CRM workflowEven in CRM, when we think of workflow automation, we envision manufacturing lines and robots moving a can of beans along from here to there. Yet each job in an organization — whether it’s a government, industry, or service organization — has a unique workflow process.

Bonus! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Is your office using the Essentials solutions?  We have news that will have you jumping for joy.

Tip of the Week: To Bold a Mail Group (or not to Bold)?

The Mail Groups are a tool to help you sort incoming mail. When you assign a correspondence to a Mail Group, the drop-down list may display some bold selections and some not bold selections. Have you ever wondered why?

Tip of the Week: Bring us Your Processes

Old processes are like a creaky old bridge...One of the key ways that we can ensure that this is a successful transition is to evaluate your office’s processes and workflow. Instead of pushing old processes into a new system, this is a chance to look at where your processes can be improved and streamlined.

Don’t Sweat the “Small” Stuff

applesSomeone recently asked our salesperson what makes intertrac different? If you’re comparing the products’ main features and getting apples for apples, what makes intertrac CRM software stand out from the others?  

New Feature! Social CRM

A gift!Just in time for holidays, we have a special gift wrapped up for you! With release 9.1, we’re including the new Social CRM feature. Social CRM integrates popular social media apps like Facebook and Twitter with your intertrac system to help you connect with your customers and constituents.

Connecting with Telephone Town Hall Events

Looking for another way to connect with your constituent base? We're excited to announce that intertrac integrates with Broadnet TeleForum and Vekeo® to offer telephone town hall events.


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