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Tip of the Week: Tracking Letter Reviews

 It's been a few weeks since we've given you a tip of the week, so here's a quick show and tell on how to track letters through the review cycle. [infographic]

Spam: a brief history

Lately, it feels like we spend a lot of time and effort on spam. . . So we did it get this bad? [infographic]

Can You Really Trust Email Lists? Three Things You Should Know

Has this ever happened to you? To save paper and stamps and time, you sent a nice “green” email invitation to your family and friends for your kid’s birthday party. The next time you check your inbox...

Tip of the Week: Big B, little b. What begins with B?

What's happening when my big B turns into a little b?Q. Why does intertrac lower case apartment numbers?

When I enter an address with an apartment letter like "Apt. B" and tab out of the field, intertrac changes it to "Apt. b". Why is it doing this? 

Tip of the Week: Drag and Drop Attachments

We have a cool new tool to unveil in intertrac as the tip of the week! intertrac now features drag and drop capability for adding attachments...

Technical Alert: Chrome Disables NPAPI

Google announced that upgrading Chrome to version 42 will disable NPAPI, and thereby, any access to the Java plugins. Unfortunately, intertrac uses the Java applet for certain functionality...

Tip of the Week: ePacs

Looking for a quicker way to get information out to constituents? The ePacs feature quickly sends electronic information packets, saving you from having to search for attachments or cover letters. 

As Requested By You...intertrac Support

As requested by you, we're bringing back the intertrac Support Request so you can get your question, request, or issue to the right ComputerWorks Support Team member in a single click without ever leaving the system. It's simply the fastest and most effective way to get our attention. 


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