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How does CRM Workflow Automation Really Work?

Even in CRM, when we think of workflow automation, we envision manufacturing lines and robots moving a can of beans along from here to there. Yet each job in an organization — whether it’s a government, industry, or service organization — has a unique workflow process.

So your “can of beans” may be following through on a sales opportunity, or processing an incoming correspondence, or booking a meeting for several people, or responding to a help desk call…all of these tasks have a very specific workflow process. And your workflow process is unique to your own organization.

With CRM software, you should be able to automate your workflow through every step of the process. As we said, every process is unique, but we've got the basics outlined in the infographc below. 

intertrac CRM handles workflow like no other information management software on the market. It’s a communication and collaboration tool with a very flexible foundation. No limits, no predefined rules, no rigid architecture to mandate how your information will flow through the system.

intertrac meets your unique workflow needs.



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Wendy Singer is the Senior Technical Writer and New Media Specialist at ComputerWorks.

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