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Bonus! Jump! Jump! Jump!

For our Essentials customers

JumpIs your office using the Essentials solutions?  We have news that will have you jumping for joy. (Well, that's if you're the jumping type.)

With the new contract in effect, we have eliminated the Essentials package, which had been offered separately and off-contract to intertrac for Government users in the past. For offices upgrading to the R9.1 release, most Essentials features are included with your standard intertrac subscription as "bonus features." 

Bonus features include:



Geo Mapping

Social Media

Press Management

Knowledge Center

Executive Correspondence


Incident Reports


Scheduled Reports

And since we're always working to improve the intertrac product, we hope to add more bonus features over time based on your feedback. (Of course, we always have to get approval from the people in charge.)

You're welcome! (Don't jump too high.) 


About wsinger

Wendy Singer is the Senior Technical Writer and New Media Specialist at ComputerWorks.

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