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Who lives in a pineapple down in DC?

Sometimes change is good

So we're making some changes here at ComputerWorks.

First, we've moved our headquarters. In this case, it was really something our team needed to tackle a couple years ago, but we were reluctant to take on because of the time and effort involved with moving an entire office. Unfortunately the old space really didn't fit our needs any more. So last week we finally went down the road to Building 12. Sound familiar? That's because we've been here before, in a suite just upstairs from where we are now. In a way, we've come full circle. But we have a different view than we did before, looking in a different direction. You get the metaphor here, right? 

At the same time, we've opened a new space in DC for the Congressional Operations team. This office will act as their home base when they aren't onsite servicing customers and give them a place to take care of their other ComputerWorks responsibilities. Plus it gives new mascot Duchess a place to park her pineapple bed.

Duchess the ComputerWorks mascot
Who lives in a pineapple down in DC?

Our new addresses:

12 Corporate Woods Boulevard
Albany, New York 12211

810 7th Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

800.692.7787 • 518.436.7787

About wsinger

Wendy Singer is the Senior Technical Writer and New Media Specialist at ComputerWorks.

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