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Tip of the Week: Bring us Your Processes

Creak old bridgeThe entire ComputerWorks Team is happy to welcome our new customers to the intertrac community. You put some trust in us to provide you with a quality CRM solution for your organization, and we want make this a very smooth transition for your staff. 

One of the key ways that we can ensure that this is a successful transition is to evaluate your office’s processes and workflow. Instead of pushing old processes into a new system, this is a chance to look at where your processes can be improved and streamlined.

Many offices just follow processes that had been driven by how their old software worked. It's sort of like moving a creaky old bridge when you can build a better structure. We think that it’s far better to have processes that make sense for your office incorporated into your CRM software. That’s why we’ve built intertrac better, with configurable process management tools that we can tailor for your office’s unique workflow.

The transition period is a great opportunity to improve your workflow processes and make things work better. Even if your office has been using intertrac for a long time, we can help you with process improvement. Just give us a call. Our team will be happy to help make intertrac work for you.  

About wsinger

Wendy Singer is the Senior Technical Writer and New Media Specialist at ComputerWorks.

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