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Tip of the Week: Turning a Quick Edit into a Quick Entry

Have you ever looked at a casework form and noticed a typo or mistake in the contact information? You probably thought, geez, now I have to find the contact record and fix that, then I have to fix it here too.

But you've always been able to make a change to the name and address information from the document via the Contact Quick Edit form. And we just added a subtle enhancement to the system forms that helps you make more extensive changes to contact data right from the document that you're working in.

Now, when you need more extensive changes, you can turn the Contact Quick Edit into a Contact Quick Entry form with a single click, giving you access to all of the contact fields. 

In any intertrac form, you can double-click the associated contact to pop up the Contact Quick Edit with just the name and address information. This is great if you have to make a quick change to the name or email address. 

By the way, we noticed that people often just change the prefix, so we added a Refresh button there. This makes it easy to update the Salutation too. The Refresh button looks like this: the Refresh button 

If you need to change more than the name and address information, you can click the new Full Mode button to switch to the Contact Quick Entry form. This gives you an editable constituent profile and all of the constituent fields to work with, all without ever leaving the document.

When you're done, just click Save. intertrac saves your changes to the contact profile and associates the updated information to the document. It's the simplest way to make changes to contact data on the fly from whatever point in the system that you are. The following infographic outlines the process.  

A walkthrough of turning the Contact Quick Edit into a Contact Quick Entry

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Wendy Singer is the Senior Technical Writer and New Media Specialist at ComputerWorks.

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