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a multipurpose CRM tool

intertrac® for the Enterprise is a multipurpose software tool equipped for complete enterprise-wide information management and CRM. This browser-based tool features a core set of tightly integrated databases, a fully customizable interface, and impressive workflow features that enable your organization to streamline communication, effectively manage knowledge, and automate the processes that are essential to your business.

intertrac serves as a central knowledge source to capture and link such typical day-to-day business events as calls and correspondence to individuals, companies, or mission critical processes — sales opportunities, legal cases, service requests, help desk, issues, etc. — to create a continuum of related information for future reference. intertrac radically improves the efficiency and collaboration of your entire organization.

intertrac modules

intertrac for the Enterprise is designed for mid- to large-scale organizations. So intertrac can be installed in offices with 25+ users and also in large organizations with hundreds of users and multiple locations. Pricing is based on many variables such as:

  • Number of users
  • Type of deployment
  • Number of servers
  • Implementation services
  • Data conversion needs

If you would like pricing information, please contact ComputerWorks at 1-800-692-7787 directly so that we can gather your specifications and develop a custom quote for you.

Click here or call 1-800-692-7787 to schedule a demonstration of intertrac.