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intertrac is an award winning CRM, an 
information management and collaboration tool
for mid to large-scale organizations. 

Out of the box, intertrac products provide a full range of features to manage and track information related to every aspect of a customer relationship. intertrac also provides built-in tools for straightforward reporting, full-text searching, instant messaging, smart notifications, automated messaging, system administration, and disaster recovery.

The flexibility of intertrac provides an organization with the ability to deploy a variety of web-based solutions to meet the varying needs of their standalone, networked, and remote user groups, all within one integrated and easily administered set of databases built on the IBM® Domino platform. Administrative tools control information access and distribution and ensure that each user receives only the information that is appropriate based on their department, group, position, location, and needs. The product can be configured to function differently for any number of user groups.

For social businesses, Domino brings business applications and social collaboration together. It weaves social capabilities right at the point where users are working at the moment, helping to accelerate business operations, improve decision making and enhance productivity. It's a complete solution to help end users work efficiently from virtually anywhere, at any time, with the people and information they need right at their fingertips.

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