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real people, real support

The ComputerWorks Team wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We support the product in a number of ways, from needs analysis and customization to hands-on installations and site visits. We regularly visit our customers for training, face-to-face support, and implementation services. If we can't meet with you face-to-face, we can set up a web conference at your convenience. Should you call our office for assistance, you can talk to real people instead of trying to find your way through a complicated voice mail system. And you'll probably develop a strong customer relationship with our technicians, who routinely work with the same customers on each call.

All of this adds up to some of the best customer support in the business. In fact, our customers consistently rate us at 100% for customer satisfaction. At ComputerWorks, our Support Team will do everything possible to help you maximize your investment in intertrac. And you will have access to our team of professionals from the moment you purchase the intertrac system.

To help your business with its transition to intertrac, we offer the following services:


we're here to help

Our Support Team professionals are dedicated to resolving your intertrac issues, requests, and questions as quickly and efficiently as possible, utilizing the latest technology and tools to remotely investigate and resolve issues. We provide a wide range of support options to help get you started and keep you running, including maintenance subscriptions, reference materials, and onsite technical assistance.


Here’s how to get the answers you need:

  • Call us at 1-800-692-7787 and ask for the Support Team.
  • Mail us at and we’ll log and route your question to the best technician for the job.

Our business hours are 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, EST, Monday through Friday.
ComputerWorks will be closed for federal holidays.


basics, administrative, and continuous training opportunities

ComputerWorks offers comprehensive training programs for every type of intertrac user, whether you're a first time user or the system administrator. Our goal is to provide you with the hands-on experience and knowledge that you need to “get it,” so you can go back and apply intertrac's features to your own day-to-day job.


Our training classes are taught by our own instructors — experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in every aspect of the intertrac system, including implementing workflow, customizing forms, and administering users. And they not only teach intertrac, but they use intertrac every day to manage their own clients, projects, and calls.


For any intertrac user — from end users to administrators — on the day-to-day use of intertrac . This course is designed to familiarize them with the entire intertrac environment and its functionalities. Basics is a prerequisite to Administrative Training.

administrative training

Our trainers will work with your administrators and users to familiarize them with the system, show them tips and tricks for performing day to day tasks more efficiently, and show them how to incorporate their workflow processes into the system. As part of the training, technical personnel will usually oversee the first day of production, ensuring that someone is there to answer any questions.


For distance users, we offer web-based training and CBT flashcams for learning at your own pace.


Every user in the intertrac Basics course receives a reference guide for their own use. In addition, intertrac users have access to OnLine Help and an online reference library (under development).


Classes are regularly offered for intertrac Basics and Administrative training, with continuous training opportunities offered for specialized learning areas. For information on intertrac training classes and schedules, please contact your customer service representative at 1-800-692-7787.

additional coaching

when you need a little more help

ComputerWorks offers additional coaching services on an hourly basis for users who need a little more help making intertrac work for them. Coaching is ideal for those users who have specific instructional needs that they want answered. For example, a correspondence user may need to be walked through the queue process, or a sales manager might need help connecting contacts to leads to opportunities.

Coaching can be provided for a single user or for small groups. Administrative coaching is also available for system administrators who want to learn to configure different areas of the system.

If you've already attended intertrac Basics training and think you need a little more help, please call your ComputerWorks representative at 1-800-692-7787 to arrange a coaching session.

customization services

making the system uniquely yours

intertrac's customization-friendly design allows you to rapidly deploy an enterprise-wide solution tailored to perfectly fit your exact business needs. Every aspect of intertrac's design pertaining to the system look, feel, and functionality can be custom fit to your organization.

  • Ability to modify forms, views, navigators, keywords, agents, pages, and framesets.
  • Configurable for different users and user groups, from the user interface to the entire user experience within the system.
  • Customizable on every level, from keywords to fields to forms to views.
  • Integrates entirely new design elements and automates unique workflow processes.

With intertrac, your custom elements will carry forward intact when you upgrade to future intertrac releases. Because of this, you can adapt intertrac to fit your exact needs — both now and in the future — and still take advantage of the new benefits provided with each new release.


intertrac provides four distinct advantages when compared to developing custom applications:

  1. It costs less than developing a custom app.
  2. It takes only a fraction of the time to implement.
  3. It provides a foundation that you can use to deploy multiple solutions throughout your organization, without increasing the number of applications that you must administer.
  4. It provides an upgrade path that allows you to take full advantage of future improvements without affecting custom components.
implementation services

delivering results

ComputerWorks uses a combination of traditional and innovative methodologies to plan, develop, implement, and maintain intertrac solutions quickly and economically. We create application prototypes rapidly in order to demonstrate initial functionality. With input from key users, we can enhance and customize the solution. ComputerWorks uses a consistent approach to our projects based on the CMMI model and the established and tested Accelerated Value Method project management methodology.

As professionals, we emphasize delivering business results by striking a balance among teams, tasks, and technology issues. We also deliver projects rapidly, employing an interactive yet structured prototyping approach to application development. In a typical implementation, we will provide:

  • Project Startup Services
  • Server Configuration Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Installation Services
federal support services

how quickly does your support move?

Lately it seems that everyone else is going the remote support route. How many times can you get stuck in a maze of phone options and routed to an anonymous support person before giving up? We’re here to tell you that we tried remote support years ago (before it was cool). It has its benefits — our technical support team still troubleshoot problems over the phone, access a server via the VPN, and walk users through processes. But now we understand that there are some things you just can't fix over the phone. Sometimes you need to put a face with the voice, and sometimes you just need hands-on support.

So when you need support right now, it’s good to know that ComputerWorks has full time support technicians in Washington, DC to provide our federal customers with that face-to-face support on demand. Our technicians are on site virtually every day, providing hands-on technical support and making the rounds to check your system and help your staff use intertrac to their best advantage.

For onsite support, call our customer service number 1-800-692-7787. No menus, no extra buttons to push. Just a real person who will triage your issue and promptly dispatch a technician to your office.

ComputerWorks is dedicated to providing you with the best product and customer support out there. In monthly customer surveys, we consistently outperform requirements for customer service and satisfaction, maintaining a 99.7% average since October 2009.

So, how quickly does your support move?

Click here or call 1-800-692-7787 to schedule a demonstration of intertrac .