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ComputerWorks delivers unrivalled product support for every intertrac implementation, with ongoing assistance, training and coaching, and customization to meet new user requests. We can help you curate a contact list, target consumer demographics, and reach your audience with multimedia online events. ComputerWorks is the answer to all your needs.


Every organization has unique forms, processes, and workflow. Sometime trying to make your process fit the software feels like trying to get a square peg into a round hole. We can change the system to meet your exact specifications.

Just tell us what you need, and we can tailor fields, forms, and views, as well as review cycles and other built-in workflow to incorporate your unique needs and business processes.





Data Services

ComputerWorks can supply all of your data needs, including:

  • voter registration files
  • microtargeted data
  • consumer mapping
  • analytics and reports
  • email append lists
  • telephone source data

Training Services

We offer comprehensive training programs for every type of intertrac user, whether you're a first time user or the system administrator. Our goal is to provide you with the hands-on experience and knowledge that you need to really “get it.” Our training classes are taught by our own experienced professionals who use intertrac every day to manage their own clients, projects, and calls.

Still need more help? We have experts available to offer hands-on support and additional coaching for any intertrac users who still need a little guidance.

New! As a result of the pandemic, we are offering remote training at no charge with any new purchase. Contact us for more information.

Telephone Town Halls

ComputerWorks partners with Broadnet to provide our customers with integrated Access­ Live™ technology. Access Live telephone town hall events with live streaming options help you to connect with your audiences in real time.

intertrac® and Broadnet work hand in hand to help you build a call list from your contacts, update your lists with new subscribers, and maintain unsubscribe and Do Not Call flags.

Contact us about a quote for your next online event.

Rock Star Support

At ComputerWorks, we value each and every opportunity to serve our customers. When you call our office, you'll quickly speak to a live person, who can patch you through directly to your dedicated support technicians. As things reopen, we have experts available for remote or onsite support and live coaching. And if you ever have to call back, you'll have a direct line to the same person, so you can pick up right where you left off.
With this kind of product support, you'll feel like a rock star every time you call.

Tell us what you need...

Interested in a telephone town hall or some one-on-one coaching? Whether it's a quote, a training session, or just more information about our services, click the button and tell us what you need.