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intertrac® for State and Local Government

intertrac® for Government is a smart constituent relationship management software tailored to the exact needs of your organization. intertrac’s CRM solution areas are completely integrated and designed to help you easily track and manage any transaction you have with another agency, a constituent, a public utility or business entity, or any other contact. In addition to tailoring the existing system components to your needs, we can implement your unique forms and workflows, giving you all the benefits of a custom fit solution with the convenience of an out-of-the-box solution.

intertrac Base Product

Keep an up-to-date catalog of every contact, constituent, customer, colleague, agency, staff, or key player important to your workflow. The Team Members solution provides additional functionality for tracking staff and interns, job applications, and personnel reviews. intertrac associates every transaction you have with a person to the contact record — calls, appointments, correspondence, cases, and more. With intertrac, you always have a full 360° view of your relationships right at your fingertips.

Manage all of your communications — letters, email, web mail, faxes, and bulk mail — in one central location. Incoming communications and outgoing responses live together, and can be promoted to a complaint, a case, or another workflow document, so you always see the whole conversation. Automated workflows and review cycles can be customized for your organization. From routing mail to sending outreach, intertrac will help you manage your communications more efficiently.

intertrac Casework helps you collect and aggregate crucial legal, complaint, or other case data in one electronic folder, keeping each and every agency, key contact, meeting, call, communication, file, or form in the case history. The integrated time tracking component helps you keep an account of the hours caseworkers spend on each case. Easily promote calls or letters to a case as they come in the door, update status, assign tasks, and keep contacts connected and informed. You’ll save time and effort and you’ll never have a case fall through the cracks. 

We specialize in tailoring intertrac for your organization. Whatever your day to day tasks, intertrac can accommodate your unique needs. Need a Complaint form to track consumer complaints against businesses? A Utility form to track a public utility’s response to a complaint? A Legal form to track medical complaints?  Board Appointments for an executive office? Freedom of Information Law requests? intertrac’s sensible forms, built-in calendars, and on-point communications can be custom fit to help you keep track of it all.

Out of the box, intertrac features a robust Support Center component for managing an internal Help Desk and customer issues, from submission all the way through resolution. The Support Center works hand in hand with the Call Center to help you track incoming issues and requests. Whether you need to provide support via phone, email, or online, intertrac Support Center is designed to turn detached pockets of information into a dynamic resource of knowledge.

Tightly integrated with other CRM features, the intertrac Scheduling solution is a robust set of calendars for managing appointments, meetings, activities, and events. intertrac can integrate with your Microsoft accounts to push appointments to their Outlook calendars. In intertrac, your office can maintain Executive calendars, staff calendars, group calendars, invitation calendars, conference room calendars. . .as many schedules as you need to keep your office moving smoothly. 

With intertrac, you can quickly build a professional looking HTML newsletter and Survey form and send it to your audience. No coding necessary! The Newsletter Builder brings you drag and drop editing, custom templates, quick polls, and A/B testing. And because it’s an integrated solution, you can use your existing contact records to build mailing lists, track activity, and update opt-ins and subscriptions.

The built-in Press Management solution helps you manage all aspects of your media relationships. Take advantage of MS Word features for drafting a press release and tracking changes. Press specific review cycles help you move a release through the proper channels before sending to targeted lists of your media contacts. Build joint releases with other colleagues or entire delegations. intertrac makes it easy!

Included with every intertrac system, you’ll get full-text searching, wizards, a time and project management component, administrative tools for managing your users and system configuration, and a Knowledge Center for storing shared office documents. intertrac is supplied with a full library of scheduled reports, including turnaround, summary, ranked, trend, heat map, and choropleth map reports. You can even integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts to capture what’s trending right now.

Rock Star Support

At ComputerWorks, we value each and every opportunity to serve our customers. When you call our office, you’ll quickly speak to a live person, who can patch you through directly to your dedicated support technicians. As people continue to work from home, we have experts available for remote support and live coaching. And if you ever have to call back, you’ll have a direct line to the same person, so you can pick up right where you left off. With this kind of product support, you’ll feel like a rock star every time you call.