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It’s not a big election season, but the crisp October air and falling leaves here in the Northeast remind us that it’s still a good time for you to establish meaningful constituent relationships before wrapping up the year. Here are four easy ways to connect with your constituents through intertrac.  

1. Send regular mailings

Use newsletters and targeted outreach mail to get your message to your constituents on a regular basis. Even a short and sweet newsletter can go into more detail about a current event or hot topic discussion than a tweet. You can also use these mailings to direct your constituents to your website intake forms.

2. Poll your readers

Speaking of newsletters, why not add a poll or survey? Questionnaires sent with your newsletter are going to give you better results than a social media post. Why? You can be relatively sure the responses are coming from your constituents and not an out of district source or bot.

3. Follow up on casework

Your constituents come to you for help. intertrac helps you put the service back in “constituent services.” Be sure to set follow-up reminders for yourself or other staffers and make sure that no case falls through the cracks.

4. Host a telephone town hall event

Telephone town halls are an easy and cost-efficient way to engage with a large number of constituents. In one hour, you can share your efforts, poll constituents, and listen to their concerns. Access Live™ online events with streaming allow you to use your intertrac contacts to build valid calling lists. (Contact us for pricing.)

Every constituent engagement is an opportunity. With intertrac, you can make connections for more meaningful constituent interactions.