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New York State Department of Public Service Contract Awarded to ComputerWorks

ALBANY, New York – As reported by the Office of the State Comptroller in Open Book New York, ComputerWorks was recently awarded over a quarter of a million dollars for a software standardization project in the New York State Department of Public Service.

ComputerWorks is the developer of the intertrac family of CRM products, customizable information management software used by government and enterprise businesses to better manage their customer relationships.

CEO and founder Greg Rosano stated, “This contract award is a continuation of ComputerWorks’ twenty year relationship with the Department of Public Service as we modernize their intertrac implementation. We intend to fully leverage their current investment and bring greater value to their system for years to come.”

ComputerWorks, Inc. is the developers of the intertrac® for Government and intertrac® for the Enterprise CRM software products. Since 1987, they have been helping public and private sector businesses keep in touch with their customers and constituents, collaborate within their own organizations, and better manage their business processes.