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Base Product Features

Keep an up-to-date catalog of every customer, organization, vendor, supplier, agency, staff, or other contact important to your office. intertrac associates every transaction you have with a person to the contact record. Incident reports give you a way to track abusive or threatening contacts, and to flag every incoming transaction for a person of interest. Staff profiles feature private fields and locked down forms to give HR folks a way to manage personnel records. With intertrac, you always have a full 360° view of all your relationships right at your fingertips.

intertrac Casework helps you collect and aggregate crucial data in one electronic folder, keeping each and every contact, key player, meeting, call, communication, file, or form in the case history. Easily promote calls or letters to a case as they come in the door, update status, assign tasks, and keep contacts connected and informed. You’ll save time and effort and you’ll never have a case fall through the cracks.

Manage all of your communications — letters, email, web mail, faxes, bulk mail — in one central location. Automated routing and approval cycles can be customized for your organizational workflow. Bulk mail tools sort incoming mail and forward automated replies From replying to incoming website submissions to sending marketing communications, intertrac will help you manage your mail more efficiently.

Tightly integrated with other CRM features, the intertrac Scheduling solution is a robust set of calendars for managing appointments, meetings, activities, and events. Your office can maintain Executive calendars, staff calendars, group calendars, conference room and resource calendars. . .as many schedules as you need to keep your office moving smoothly.

When you need better tools to manage your phone calls, the Call Center gives you a place to log incoming and outgoing calls. Phone scripts help your employees stay on message as they gather information and answer questions. When a call requires a written response, you can merge a form letter or quickly email pre-packaged information materials.

From sales lead to customer account, intertrac can help you manage all aspects of your customer life cycle. Whatever your customers request, intertrac has a way for you to track the information and see it through resolution. Whether you need to follow up on a sales opportunity, resolve a complaint, or fulfill a request, intertrac has sensible forms, built-in calendars, and on-point communications help you keep track of it all.

Send email your customers will actually open! With intertrac, you can quickly build a professional looking newsletter and send it to your audience. The Newsletter Builder brings you drag and drop editing, custom templates, surveys and polls, and A/B testing. And because it’s integrated with rest of the intertrac system, the Newsletter uses your existing contact records to build mailing lists, track activity, and update opt-ins and subscriptions.

When you need to get your message out to the world, the intertrac Press Management solution helps you take a release from draft to distribution to your media contacts. Manage all aspects of your media relationships. Take advantage of MS Word features for drafting a press release and tracking changes. Press specific review cycles help you move a release through the proper channels before sending to targeted lists of your media contacts. intertrac makes it easy!

Included with every intertrac system, you’ll get full-text searching, wizards, and administrative tools for managing your users and system configuration. The built-in Knowledge Center is designed to store shared office documents, such as training manuals, policies and procedures, and HR forms. intertrac is supplied with a full library of reports, including turnaround, summary, ranked, trend, heat map, and choropleth map reports. You even have the option to create ad hoc or custom reports. And any report can be scheduled so intertrac automatically generates and delivers the data to the people who need to see it most.