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Remote work (i.e., working outside of a traditional office environment) is becoming more and more mainstream. With the COVID-19 pandemic, planning to work remotely “just in case” is an important precaution. The good news is that because intertrac is a browser based application, you can work from anywhere and at any time with a secure internet connection. We’ll leave it up to your security experts to let you know when and where. This guide is a quick overview of the how.

Before you can work remotely with intertrac, you need to have a few things in order:

  • Internet or WiFi — Your connection will have a big impact intertrac’s performance outside the office. We recommend a 25Mbps connection at minimum for best productivity. (You can run a speed test (ex. to see if your provider is giving you enough bandwidth.)

    Note: You can work with a lower connection, but intertrac may seem slow compared to your experience in the office.

  • A VPN connection — A virtual private network is necessary to secure your connection to the server and to protect your office’s and customers’ personal private information. Make sure that your laptop has been configured per your organization's standards and that you have the tools (ex. RSA SecurID soft token or fob, etc.) needed to access the intertrac server through your organization's firewall.
  • The intertrac Word Add-in — Before you try intertrac at home, it’s a good idea to install the newest intertrac tab/ribbon options in Microsoft Word and make sure that the add-in is pointing to the correct server. This will ensure that you can create and edit responses and form letters while you’re working remotely. In Word, you can check if you already have version on the intertrac tab. If not, we can provide instructions to walk you through this installation process.
  • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser — The intertrac Word Add-in does not integrate well with with Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. Make sure you have the Firefox or Chrome browser installed on your laptop if you plan to work with responses or form letters. (  or

Once you have these tools in place, remote work is just a matter of logging into intertrac and getting started with your day.

To log into intertrac remotely:

  1. Log into your VPN to connect your network.
  2. Open your browser (Firefox or Chrome).
  3. Click your intertrac bookmark and log into the intertrac page as usual.
  4. When you’re finished working, click LOGOUT in the upper right corner of the screen (next to your name) to log out of intertrac.  You should also log out of the VPN connection when finished.