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3 tips for making End of Year Reporting a piece of cake

As we head into December, many organizations start preparing for their end of year reports. These annual reports can affect your planning and resources for the next year, so you want to wrap them up on time. And you want to get them right.

For example, some of our clients want to report on communications and casework volumes for the past year so that they can begin project planning for the new year. Others want to evaluate their outreach efforts and customer engagement against this year’s targets. Many like to check staff productivity before they begin performance reviews.

Some tips and tricks for setting up those year end reports. . .

  • Have we already configured scheduled reports for your office? If we did, you just need to change the dates in the criteria and kick it off.
  • For casework reports, use the Easy Search tool to run the report on all of the casework closed during the year. Use January 1, 2021 as your start date and December 31, 2021 as your end date. Then run the Counts by Assigned to and Counts by Category reports.

    note: The reason that we run the report on cases that were created in the year as opposed to closed is that you might have long term cases that were created 3 to 5 years ago. Searching on closed casework will give a more accurate picture of your office’s accomplishments.
  • Reach out to us if you need any assistance! Running a year end report is easy once you know which report criteria you need to plug in to get the results you want. We’re happy to help!