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intertrac® for Government is a Constituent Relationship Management system, designed for the unique workflow of a legislative office. Respond to incoming constituent communications and web submissions, manage your outreach efforts, and track and fulfill your constituent services in an integrated, agile, secure system.


For over 30 years, intertrac® custom work environments have been hard at work in state and municipal government, successfully managing information and workflow for executive offices, public service departments, health agencies, legal offices, consumer protection departments, and more. What can intertrac do for you?


intertrac® for the Enterprise is a multipurpose software tool equipped for complete enterprise-wide information management and CRM. The fully customizable interface and robust workflow features enable you to streamline communications, effectively manage knowledge, and automate the processes essential to your business.


Custom Workflow Applications ○ Development ○ Telephone Town Halls ○ Data Services ○ Training ○ Coaching ○ Consulting

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What makes us different from the rest...

We value each and every opportunity to serve our customers.
When you call our office, you’ll always speak with a live person. You’ll know the team members dedicated to supporting your organization. And if you have to call back, you’ll have a direct line to the same person so you can pick up right where you left off. You can email us, text us, and send us support requests right from the intertrac product.

Premium Support

We provide rapid deployment schedules, ongoing assistance, and remote or live training for your users. Need another walkthrough? We offer additional coaching for anyone in your organization who needs more guidance.

Designed for You

When was the last time that you influenced your CRM product design? intertrac is a product built on ideas that came from our user community. We review every question, request, and suggestion that our users send us. And we make sure that intertrac works for YOU.
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Nice people saying nice things...

"intertrac does an excellent job of handling high volumes of mail."
"intertrac did 95 percent of what I wanted right out of the box. We also learned that intertrac was designed to be very adaptable, so that it wouldn’t take hundreds of thousands of dollars to get exactly the system we wanted. It's really an ideal technology for the long haul."
"The vendor is very responsive and recognizes the urgency of our office needs."
"I'm really impressed with how far this program has progressed within the two short meetings that we've attended. The user group wants to thank you ahead of time, for not only striving to make our jobs more achievable, but also for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a successful team.
"The built-in administration allows us to control the distribution of information to our people and sales leads with precision accuracy."
"We wanted to go with a product that was easily customizable and adaptable as our needs changed. Over the years, intertrac has grown with us."


Real smart people. Working for you.

Jeff Allen

Manager of Programming and Projects

Bryan Sentz

Manager of Systems and Development

Jewel Wallace

Director of Congressional Operations

Wendy Singer

Director of
Communications and Operations

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