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ComputerWorks Welcomes New Director of Business Development

Alan Gore, Director of Business DevelopmentWe are pleased to announce that Alan Gore of Millersville, MD has joined ComputerWorks this month as Director of Business Development...

Tip of the Week: Turning a Quick Edit into a Quick Entry

This is easy.Have you ever looked at a casework form and noticed a typo or mistake in the contact information? You probably thought, geez, now I have to find the contact record and fix that, then I have to fix it here too. But you've always been able to make a change...and now it's even easier. 

Need a Better View? intertrac Newsletters are back in action

When you send your outreach communications, does it ever feel like you’re just talking into a void? You need a better view of how your contacts are responding to your email newsletters, if they are responding at all...

Tip of the Week: Year End Reports

wrapping paperIt’s that time of year again — your end-of-the-year reports are almost due! Year end reports can have implications for planning your resources for the next year, so you want to get them in on time. And you want to get them right.

As Requested By You...Geo Mapping

An example of a heat mapGeospatial mapping has become a popular analytic due to its visual nature, which makes it easy to explain and understand demographic data across a geographic area. Today we introduce the new Geo Mapping feature in intertrac...

Tip of the Week: Making Data Entry Go Faster

This girl is bored. Let's face it, data entry is boring. And it's even worse when it's repetitive, redundant, and entering the same thing over and over again. How can it ever get better? 

Technical Alert: Move to Firefox Now

AlertDear intertrac User:

Are you still using the Chrome browser with intertrac? September is fast approaching and we'd like to gently remind you that you should move all users to the Mozilla Firefox browser by August 31st. 

More about spam traps

We had a couple of questions about spam traps after our post about mailing lists. At second glance, “spam trap” can seem a bit enigmatic, so here’s a quick primer on spam traps and what you want to avoid. 


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